Finding the key to open the door of emotional perseverance

As my University career slowly unwinds for the short term, I reflect upon the events of the summer and how they have shaped and influenced my growth mindset for the upcoming year.

At first, the month of June started with great promise, as I was rewarded with a holiday to Toronto, Canada with my long term girlfriend. After an eventful year of handing in assignments and completing my dissertation, I was eager to exchange stress relieving walks by the river Thames, to create long lasting memories by Niagara Falls.

June quickly rolled in to July, where I boarded the emotional rollercoster that is graduation. Upon entering Westminister Cathedral, I felt delighted and slightly relieved that I had made it however, by the time August came around, the graduation blues affected me emotionally and psychologically where I worried subconsciously of what God and the world had in store for me ; thus affecting my sleeping patterns. Although I had filled in another piece of my life journey jigsaw, it seemed as if it had doubled in size; suggesting that I would need to conjure up all my strength and resilience to complete it.

This month consisted of job searching and C.V publishing so that I could find the best suitable career for my future. Along the way, I was offered many jobs :with great pay;  with little hours; with mediocre pay; with long travelling time. Unfortunately, the stress of making money: to pay council tax; for public transport; for food and to continue to live in Twickenham became unbearable at times. It made me realise how difficult adult life could be, if I did not prepare myself well enough.

As a result, I attended the house of God each week in search of life guidance. Ironically, on one such Sunday, my answer came to me in the form of a reading from the Gospel of St. Luke. The priest described emotional perseverance as a small door, that was open to anyone who wanted it. He argued that some individuals may open that door easily and get through, whereas others may have to wait a longer time to open it.

That month was the most difficult of my life so far. So much that it made me reflect upon the first blog that I had written, where I left Ireland to go to London, and re-align the importance of each of the pieces of my life journey jigsaw.

As September has eventually come upon me, I am glad to say that I have managed to find the key to open the door of emotional perseverance. Although, I had to think long and hard about the pros and cons of each of the jobs that I have been offered, and I had to wait a substantial time to open the door, I feel that I have chosen the best platform from which I can develop my skills as a Primary P.E Specialist. 

And for all you university students who have recently graduated, do not worry if you cannot find the most suitable job right away. Eventually you will find a key to unlock your own door of emotional perseverance, because ‘what is for you will never pass you.’


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