Sometimes I look up at the barren trees in Winter and prepare to plant the Spring seeds of greatness.

As I stand on a crowded South West Train on my way to Christmas dinner in Tooting Broadway, I reflect upon my first experience of working in a primary school as a Physical Education Specialist.

I’m not going to lie to you and say that it was all plain sailing. Just imagine going into a sweet shop with a blind fold and randomly picking twenty sweets. Those sweets represent the mixture of emotions that I have felt over the last four months. 

By combining teaching with studying, it has allowed me to engage with both the practical and theoretical elements of primary physical education.  As a reflective practitioner, sometimes it is difficult to stop myself from becoming too critical of the world that I situate myself in. However, I argue that it may be even more detrimental to an individuals life journey, if they do not know when to say that they have had enough.

Most people think that their first job after university sets the tone for their future career; I also agree with this, as I suggest that it is used as a foundation for bigger things to come. Just imagine waking up one morning at twenty one years of age and realising that you have reached your peak and you cannot surpass that marker for the rest of your years. Its pretty scary isn’t it!

During my time in primary education, I had many positive experiences. For example, I enjoyed working with different age ranges such as Nursery, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two, where I have improved my ability to manage behaviour in the classroom and to reflect on the spot and change lessons accordingly. Furthermore, I enjoyed the simple everyday interactions that I made with individuals in the school. In this instance, I loved the feeling of walking through the school and meeting children in the hallway, smiling and saying good morning Mr. Gallagher, even though it was 2 o’ clock in the day. Talking to the Italian janitor about his passion for Chelsea football club and listening to teachers complaining about the Southern trains and their continuous delays. 

Currently, I have started my third term of teaching and as a result, my opinions have changed. In the past, I thought that my first job as a Primary P.E Specialist was where I wanted to be in life. However, after working in this setting for almost four months, and continuously reflecting on my experiences, I have decided otherwise. I argue that this job is just the tip of the ice-berg, as I sense that there is a world of opportunities that will unravel from this experience.

In my opinion, so many individuals (including myself) in this world are too afraid to take a situational step backwards in their careers as they feel that this will stop them from developing professionally. However, I argue otherwise, as I feel that if God did not help me to retrace my steps and work in the primary school environment, I would have missed out on a piece of my life journey jigsaw.

As we are coming towards the end of Winter and the beginning of the new season Spring, I cannot but relate this to my primary education career, where I look forward to the prospect of change and growth in relation to my professional development.

‘Sometimes I look up at the barren trees in Winter, and prepare to plant the Spring seeds of greatness’.